A New Beginning with Christianity

This Unique Christian Podcast offers...

  • A different perspective on Christianity than what you find in church
  • A way to look at Christianity that doesn't concentrate on sin and forgiveness
  • Help for those who believe there must be more to Christianity than what they've heard

We go beyond dogma and doctrine and "right" beliefs and instead go for the heart of Christianity:  A God who is for you.  A God who is on your side.  A God who never gives up on you.  A God who fights for you and will keep fighting for you.


Starting Over With Christianity is a weekly Christian podcast that starts at the beginning.

  • Why Christian beliefs developed the way they did
  • How Christian beliefs could have been different
  • How Christian beliefs should be different

Starting Over With Christianity Podcast

The Christian podcast that offers a perspective on Christianity you won't find in church.  Follow the link to be taken to our podcast page, where you can listen to and/or subscribe to the podcast.

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Podcast Transcripts

A complete library of transcripts of the Starting Over With Christianity podcast.  For those who would rather read than listen.

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Random Thoughts

A collection of short posts that contain my random thoughts about Christianity.  Usually a new post appears weekly.

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What Is Christianity About?

If you've read this far, chances are you are, at least to some extent, dissatisfied with what you've been told Christiannity is all about.

Maybe you can no longer accept the beliefs of organized Christianity.  Maybe you're trying to make sense out of life.  Or maybe you're just curious about Christianity.  In some way, you're looking for something more.  You're trying to move forward, and what you've heard from Christianity just doesn't make sense.

Our podcast can help.

New to the podcast?

If you're new to the Starting Over With Christianity Podcast, the best place to start is with our first eight podcast episodes.  They lay the foundation for everything else.  Click on the titles below for a transcript of that podcast.

Episode 1--Introduction to Christianity

Episode 2--The Early Development of Christianity

Episode 3--The Bible

Episode 4--The Christian World View

Episode 5--An Alternative to Original Sin

Episode 6--Trusting the Bible

Episode 7--How Many Gods Are There?

Episode 8--Jesus as Son of God

Starting Over With Christianity Podcast

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