The Starting Over With Christianity Podcast

When the way you've always looked at life is no longer an option...

Stability and purpose, meaning and direction in life, the ability to watch the wrong win again and again and not get discouraged--that's what Christianity offers.  If you can break free from what you've always heard about Christianity.

You can march through the troubles of life with your shoulders squared and your head held high.

Now is the time to start over with Christianity, to leave behind what you've heard about Christianity, and discover something different.


Churches all over the country are losing members hand over fist.  To reverse that, they're trying to repackage Christianity.  They're bringing in syrupy, soft-rock love songs to Jesus, light shows, hip pastors, whatever trend they can hop on.  But the same, tired old version of Christianity, no matter how it's packaged, is still the same, tired old version of Christianity.

Here's how "the same, tired old version of Christianity" was created:

  1. View the Bible as a box full of little slips of paper with verses written on them.
  2. Pull out a few verses.
  3. Put one certain spin on them.
  4. Make your beliefs from just those.
  5. Ignore everything else.

Doing that creates a false version of Christianity, one that has negative impacts on people.  And then there's the judgmentalism and self-righteousness, for which Christianity is notorious.  That's why more and more people are rejecting it.


If you've read this far, chances are that you're dissatisfied with what you've heard from Christianity.  And, chances are that you haven't found what you're looking for anywhere else, like from science, psychology, or other religions.

What you're looking for is here, and we provide it in two formats.  We have the podcast for those who prefer audio, and we have transcripts of everything for those who prefer to read.

It's going to require an investment of time to get a new perspective on Christianity.  It's not something that can be accomplished in five minutes or by reading a couple of paragraphs.  But if you're willing to invest the time, you'll find something well worth your trouble.


Starting Over With Christianity is a unique Christian podcast based on the following beliefs:

  • God is not an angry menace before whom you have to tremble.  God is on your side, fighting for you.  Read more
  • The problem is not that you sin and God is mad at you and wants to punish you.  The problem is that something is against you, trying to destroy you.  Read more
  • God does not control all things.  God does not cause all things. There is another power in opposition to God that operates in the world, and God has not yet overcome this power. Read more
  • God did not in any way cause things to be as they are today.  God does not in any way cause, use, or allow pain, suffering, disease, natural disasters, heartaches, the problems of life, or any other bad things.  All those things are the result of another power, in opposition to God.  Read more
  • Jesus didn't come so you could get forgiveness.  Jesus came to start the process by which the power against you will be destroyed.  Read more
  • God is working for good for all.  He will keep working until He has achieved good for all.  Read more

Starting Over With Christianity Podcast

The Christian podcast that offers a perspective on Christianity you won't find in church.  Follow the link to be taken to our podcast page, where you can listen to and/or subscribe to the podcast.

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Podcast Transcripts

A complete library of transcripts of the Starting Over With Christianity podcast.  For those who would rather read than listen.

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New to the podcast?

If you're new to the Starting Over With Christianity Podcast, the best place to start is with our first eight podcast episodes.  They lay the foundation for everything else.  Click on the titles below for a transcript of that podcast.  Or, click on the player below each title to hear that podcast.

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Episode 8--Jesus as Son of God

Starting Over With Christianity Podcast

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