I’m Tim Ware.  I graduated from seminary in 2011 with a Master of Divinity degree.  I have been a Christian most all of my life, and I have been active in church.

I spent almost an entire lifetime as a Christian, seriously thinking about the Christian faith, reading a lot, and studying the history of ancient Christianity.  I also spent lots of time in prayer and meditation.  Gradually, over the years, I reached the point where I no longer could agree with most of the beliefs of organized Christianity.

That's why, when I graduated from seminary, I decided to work outside of organized Christianity.  Part of that involved starting this podcast.  The purpose of this podcast is to provide a perspective on Christianity that is seldom heard today, but one which I believe captures the true essence of Christianity.

This podcast doesn't hesitate to deviate from what almost everyone else in American Christianity says.  It will give you an entirely different perspective on Christianity.

You may not agree with everything I say, and that's OK.  I don't expect you to agree with everything I say.  My goal is to present an alternative for you to consider--to get you to think.

And thinking is something rarely done in our society today...