Below are brief articles about the basic beliefs of Christianity. There are articles on basic beliefs about God, articles on basic beliefs about Jesus, and articles about the Bible.  There are also articles that address questions about Christianity and articles that give you something to think about.

Basic Beliefs about God:

God as Creator

What exactly did God create?

What is God?

Who Made God?

What is God like?

God's Power

God Became a Human Being

Why God Became a Human Being


Basic Beliefs About Jesus:

Who Was Jesus?

What Did Jesus Do on Earth?

What Did Jesus Accomplish?

How Do We Know About Jesus?


The Bible

What Is the Bible?

How Did We Get the Bible?

Why Is the Old Testament in the Bible?

Is the Bible True?


The Three Big Splits in Christianity

Christianity has split three times in its history.  Click below to read about each split.

The First Split--Oriental Orthodox

The Second Split--Eastern Orthodox

The Third Split--Protestant Reformation


Questions about Christianity

Why Does God Allow Cancer?


Things to Think About

Hypocrisy and Christianity