Christianity says there are two “realms”—the physical realm and the spiritual realm.  The physical realm is what we see when we look around us.  It’s the earth plus everything up in the sky—the moon, the sun, the stars.  The physical realm also includes everything on the earth, including our bodies.  It’s all the things we can see, touch, sense, or measure.

Christianity says that in one way or another, God brought the physical realm into existence.

The physical realm is what science studies.  Science tells us the physical realm is all there is.

But Christianity says there is also a spiritual realm that we can’t see.  So where is it?

It doesn’t have physical location.  It’s in another dimension.  One way to look at it is that the spiritual realm “encompasses” the physical realm.  That means it’s here.  You are in the spiritual realm now.  You just can’t see it.  The spiritual realm is not a location.  It’s a dimension.

We don’t know much about the spiritual realm because we can’t see it, touch it, or measure it.  It’s not visible either to our eyes or our scientific instruments.  But even though we can’t see it, Christianity says it’s real.  The spiritual realm has real existence.  We can’t see it because it’s in another dimension, a dimension human senses can’t perceive.

Christianity says God is a being in the spiritual realm.  However, Christianity does not say that God created the spiritual realm. 

Stop for a minute and let that sink in.

Christianity does not say that God created the spiritual realm.

This is the most essential thing to understand if you want to start over with Christianity.  Christianity does not address the origin of the spiritual realm.  Christianity says God made some spiritual beings (“His” angels), but Christianity does not say God created the spiritual realm.  Neither does it say God created all the beings in the spiritual realm.

So where did the spiritual realm with all its different spiritual beings come from?  Christianity doesn’t address that.  The spiritual realm with all its different beings is presented as just being there.  No explanation is given for its origin.

People sometimes think that since Christianity says God created all that exists, it means God created the spiritual realm.  But actually, when Christianity talks about God creating all that exists, it’s only talking about the physical realm.

Keep this in mind.  Without understanding this, you will be led astray if you try to understand Christianity.  In fact, you cannot understand Christianity if you believe it says God created the spiritual realm.

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