Christianity believes God is the source of the physical universe.  The physical universe is everything you see when you look around you.  It includes the earth and what is here on earth.  It includes everything up in the sky—the sun, moon, and stars.

You can have your own ideas about exactly how God created everything.  How doesn’t really matter.  What matters is the belief that, however it came into being, God was behind it.

The when doesn’t really matter, either.  There are some fascinating ideas related to the when, ideas you’ve probably never been exposed to.  Hopefully we’ll get to those ideas later.  But exactly when God brought everything into being really doesn’t matter.

The how and the when are not the important questions.  The why is the important question.  Why did God create the universe?

In a nutshell, God created the universe because He wanted us, and He needed a place for us to live.  God created the universe, in other words, for us.

You can have your own ideas about exactly who “us” is.  You can believe there is intelligent life nowhere in the universe except here on earth.  Or, you can believe there is intelligent life on many planets throughout the universe.  It doesn’t matter whether you define “us” as just us here on earth or us in the sense of people throughout the universe.  The important thing is that God wanted us, and He created the universe as a place for us to live. 

Think for a minute what this says about God, and also what it says about us.

We are here because God wants us.  We are not an accident of nature.

The fact that first of all, God wants us says a lot about God.

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