Christianity says God is involved with the world.  God has the power to do things in the world.

Keep in mind that in Christianity, God is not a force.  God is not “the laws of nature.”  God is not “the organizing principle of the universe.”  God is not “the ground of existence.”  God is not a philosophical principle.

In Christianity, God is a real being.  It’s just that God exists as a spiritual being in the spiritual realm.  God does not have physical existence in the physical world.  That’s why we can’t see God.  But God is still a real being.

Christianity sees God as being actively involved everywhere, in all situations, among all people, and at all times in the world.  God is always working in the world.  God is always involved with everything and everyone.

But this does not mean God controls everything.  God is not “the great puppeteer in the sky,” pulling all the strings and controlling everything. 

There are other forces besides God who have power to do things in the world.  And, they are opposed to God.

There are human forces at work in the world.  Human beings make their own decisions regarding what they do.  God does not control what people do.  People have free will, which means each person decides what he or she will do.

There are also spiritual forces at work in the world, operating in opposition to God.  The Christian scriptures refer to them by various names:  Satan, demons, unclean spirits.  Christians refer to these, collectively, as “the power of evil.”

Evil is not defined in Christianity.  The best we can do is say that evil is all that is opposed to good.  Since God is good, that means evil is all that is opposed to God.

These forces of evil, whatever they are, sometimes operate on their own.  Often, they operate through people.  But they have to be very sneaky to do that.

The reason they have to be sneaky is that human beings were made by God so that they always want to do good.  People do not consciously set out to do evil.  It’s not part of human nature to do evil. 

To get around that, the spiritual power of evil disguises itself and what it wants as good.  It deceives people into thinking it is good.  That’s the way it gets people to do evil.

This is very important to understand.  All people were made by God to be totally good, so that they are repulsed by evil.  The only way the powers opposed to God can get people to do evil is to disguise evil as good.

And that’s what it does.  It makes evil look good.  This deceives some people into doing evil.  But they are not intentionally doing evil.  They think they are doing good.

To sum up, there are two reasons that what happens in the world is often not what God wants to happen.  First, the power of evil itself operates in opposition to God.  Second, human beings are deceived into doing evil.  God tries as hard as He can to bring good in every situation, but sometimes He is thwarted.  Sometimes the power of evil thwarts God on its own.  But often, human beings are deceived into doing evil.

The spiritual powers of evil often use human beings to do their work.

At this time, God can’t prevent the activity of the powers of evil.  One day, He will be able to.  One day, God will defeat the spiritual powers opposed to Him, and at that time, there will only be good.  But that day has not yet come. 

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