Questions about CHristianity

Sometimes people have questions about Christianity, questions about God, or questions about Jesus, but for whatever reason don’t know anyone they feel comfortable asking. Maybe you’ve heard so many different and contradictory things from other Christians that you don’t know what to believe. The Personal Pastor Service can help. 

Maybe you’re embarrassed to even ask the question, or maybe you feel you’re wrong for daring to question something. Maybe you don’t like the stock answers you’ve found from other sources. Maybe you don’t want an answer that presents only one viewpoint and tells you it’s the only “correct” answer. Or maybe you just want the privacy and anonymity available online. 

Whatever the reason, the Personal Pastor Service is available to help. Questions may be about Christianity in general, the Bible, the history of Christianity, or about specific Christian beliefs.

Simply send the question, and I will try to provide an answer. This service includes the initial answer and the opportunity for one follow-up answer if the initial answer wasn’t adequate.

This is a unique service because my answer will not try to push you toward one particular viewpoint. It will present options and various ways of looking at things. It won’t be an answer from just one perspective. It will be both thoughtful and thought-provoking.

There is a charge of $25 for this service.

Submit your question by using the form below, then scroll down and pay through Paypal. Your question will be answered within 5 business days of receipt of payment.

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The Personal Pastor Service includes the personalized answer to your question plus the opportunity for one follow-up answer.