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The Meaning of Messiah

The Second Coming of Jesus

History of Organized Christianity

Original Sin

The Trinity

Jesus and Social Injustices

Living in Today's World

Life Before Birth

The Soul, Consciousness, and the Nature of Reality

The Soul (part one)

End of Life Decisions

Why Should I Believe Christianity?

Where Is God?

Does God Do Things in the World?

Why Does God Give People Cancer?

What Is God Like?

The Need for Rest

Pain and Suffering in the Natural World

Unhappy with Yourself

Roadblocks to Belief

What Is Our Purpose in Life?

Searching for Happiness in America

Suicide:  Why Are Americans So Unhappy?

Suicide and Christianity

The Role of Fathers in Families

Why Do Things Happen the Way They Do?

Is God Omnipotent?

Where Christianity Went Wrong

What Is Christianity All About?

Interpreting the Bible

The Best Bible Translation

Translating the Bible: An Example

The Ten Commandments and the New Covenant

Reincarnation in Christianity

Marriage in the New Testament

Marriage in the Old Testament

How to Get Your Sins Forgiven

Why Did Jesus Die on the Cross?

The Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

The Bible and Homosexuality

Christianity and Jerusalem

Coptic Orthodox Christianity in Ethiopia

The Only Way to Salvation

Why Christians Are Changing Morality

Who Decides Right and Wrong?

What Does It Mean to Believe?

The Concept of Ages in the Bible

Dreams in Christianity

Christian Meditation

Spiritual Disciplines

Sharing in the Nature of God

Jesus as Son of God

How Many Gods Are There?

Trusting the Bible

An Alternative to Original Sin

The Christian World View

The Bible

The Early Development of Christianity

Introduction to Christianity