Christianity says that something does indeed lie behind the physical realm.  But it’s not an abstract concept, like, for instance, mathematics or the laws of physics.  Neither is it just a force, like the force of gravity, or nuclear forces, or anything like that.  Christianity says that what lies behind the physical realm is a Being.  It is a living entity that has real existence, and it has personality, which means it has distinctive qualities that give it character.  Christians call this living entity with personality “God.” 

Christianity says that behind everything in the physical realm lies a real being called God.  God is not a concept, an abstract, a set of natural laws, a force, or anything like that.  God is a real, living being with a certain personality. 

Christianity makes a really bold assertion about this being called God.  Christianity says that God’s essence, God’s essential nature, God’s personality, is good.  100% good.  And so Christianity says that what is behind and underlies everything is good.  Good is the essential character of God. 

I can’t emphasize the importance of this enough.  It is actually the most bold assertion Christianity makes—that behind everything lies good.  The essential nature behind everything is good.