Jesus lived as a person on earth approximately 33 years.  We know practically nothing about His first 30 years.  We’re only told one brief scene from his childhood.  Then, we’re told that as an adult, He was a carpenter.  We’re told that He had a house in Capernaum.  That’s all we know about Jesus’ first 30 years. 

When Jesus was about 30 years old, He began traveling around Galilee, teaching and healing the sick.  Galilee is a mountainous area of Palestine, about 80 miles north of Jerusalem.  Jesus was very popular with the people.  He drew huge crowds wherever He went.

We are told He was so popular primarily because He healed people.  He healed people of all kinds of sickness and disease.  Be sure to realize it was real sickness and disease.  And, be sure to realize Jesus really healed the people.   

Jesus was also a teacher about God.  But, the things He taught did not go along with the things the Jewish leaders were teaching.  Jesus did not agree with, nor did He follow, the Judaism of His day.  In fact, He was a vocal critic of it.

As a result, Jesus came into conflict with the Jewish leaders.  They didn’t like Him, and He didn’t like them.  This conflict escalated over a period of several years.  Finally, the Jewish leaders had Jesus killed.

But, three days later, Jesus, in His real human body, rose from the grave.  He stayed on earth for 40 days, then, in His real human body, ascended into heaven.

He promised to return at some point in the future.

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