Above all else, Christianity makes one primary assertion about God—God loves.  Love is such a basic part of God’s character that love can be defined by looking at God.

But what does it mean that God loves?  Sometimes Christians have gotten syrupy and tried to equate the love of God with romantic love.  They’ve tried to make God’s love like the love between two characters on a soap opera.  That’s why so many “contemporary” churches feature soft-rock love songs to Jesus in their services.

But we’re going to get away from all that.

We’re going to define God’s love in three ways.

First, God likes us.  God genuinely likes each one of us.  Think for a minute about the people you know that you truly like.  That’s God’s attitude toward you.  It’s God’s attitude toward me.  In fact, it’s God’s attitude toward every person in the world.  And I do mean every person.  God truly likes everyone.  God likes even the ones you think don’t deserve it.  God likes even the ones you can’t understand how anyone could like.

Second, God wants the best for each of us.  God wants only good for each of us.  God doesn’t want a single one of us to have bad things.  God doesn’t even want a person who deserves bad things to have bad things.  God wants good for everyone, whether they deserve it or not.

Third, there’s nothing God won’t do to make sure each one of us has the best.  God will do whatever He has to do to make sure each one of us has good things.  God will not stop until each one of us has good things, whether we deserve them or not.

These are the main things meant by saying “God loves us.”  These things tell us what God is like.

Go back and read them again.  Think about them.

Don’t reject them just because this picture of God is so much different than what you’ve always heard from Christianity.

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