Christianity believes in God.  But what is God?

God is a supernatural being.  That means God exists outside the physical universe.  God does not live on another planet located millions of light years from earth.  God exists in the spiritual realm. 

The spiritual realm does not have a physical location because it is not located in the physical universe.  It is located in another dimension.  But even though God is a spiritual being with existence in the spiritual realm, God does really exist.  God is a real, genuine being; it’s just that God does not have physical existence.

God is not the only being in the spiritual realm.  There are other beings, also.  In fact, Christianity says there are countless other beings in the spiritual realm.  We know about some of them, such as angels.  Christian scriptures also talk about other kinds of spiritual entities, things such as demons and what Christianity terms “unclean spirits.”

In addition to these, Christianity leaves the door open to the existence of other types of spiritual beings.  We do not know much about the spiritual realm.  We do not know how many and what types of spiritual beings exist.  We just know they are there.

Christianity does not talk about the origin of God.  Christianity simply says that God has always been and always will be.  God had no beginning, and God will have no end.  God is eternal, in other words.

Many people get hung up on the question, “Where did God come from?”  But remember, Christianity does not answer all questions.  Christianity does not have a logical set of proofs that will convince you of its truth and convince you of the existence of God.  That’s just not how it works.

Another question people get hung up on is, “How do you know there is a God?”  The answer to that is simple—you can’t ever know there is a God.  You simply choose to believe it.

What Christianity says about God comes mainly from the things Christianity believes God has done.  We know what God is like by the things God has done.  Christianity defines God by the things it believes God has done.

The main, overall thing Christianity says God has done is create the physical universe.  In some way, God made everything in the physical universe.  God is the source of everything in the physical universe.  Be sure and realize that Christianity does not say God also made the spiritual realm.  Christianity does not talk about the origin of the spiritual realm.  That is a question Christianity does not address.

Christianity says God did not just make everything and then back away and leave it alone.  Christianity says God has been involved with the physical world since the very beginning.  God does things in the world.  God is active in the world.

Christianity says God is a “personal” being.  That means God has personality, unique characteristics that make God a unique being.  God is not a force; God is not a power; God is not a source of energy; God is not an abstract concept.  God is a real, personal being with a real body (a spiritual body rather than a physical body) and a unique personality.

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