There is one place where traditional Christianity went wrong and got off track.

There is one belief that is current among many Christians that makes it impossible for Christianity to really make sense.

That belief is that God created everything, that once upon a time, there was nothing, absolutely nothing, but God.  God was the only thing out there anywhere, and God set about creating everything.  Everything was created by God.

That is the place where Christianity went wrong.  And that is the belief that, when you really look at it, makes Christianity not make sense.  Traditional Christianity says that at one point there was nothing but God, that’s all there was, and that everything else is in existence because God created it.

Of course the Bible does talk about God creating the world, creating the heavens and the earth, in the sense of the physical universe.  When the Bible talks about God creating everything, it’s talking about God creating the physical universe.

But if you’re a Christian, at least hopefully you believe that there are two realms—the physical realm and the spiritual realm.  Technically, I think the correct belief is that God created the physical realm—the physical universe, the earth, the stars, the sun, the moon the planets, everything out in space.  God created the physical universe.  That’s what I think the Bible really means when it talks about God creating everything.  I do not think, though, the Bible indicates that God created the spiritual realm.

There are a few verses in the Bible that can be interpreted as saying that God created some of the creatures in the spiritual realm.  There are allusions in the Bible that some interpret as saying God created certain spiritual beings that are called angels, but we know from the Bible that there are also other kinds of spiritual beings.  I do not believe the Bible intends to tell us God created them all.  In English translation, sometimes a few verses are translated so as to make it seem like God created them all, but when you go back to the original languages, it’s not so evident.  There are different ways to interpret those passages.  The Bible does not expressly make clear where spiritual beings came from.  Take demons and unclean spirits that we find in the New Testament.  Did God create them?

If not, where did they come from?  No one knows.  It’s like the question of where God came from.  That’s not defined or talked about.  The way Christianity has always dealt with the question of where God came from is to say that God has always been there.  There was never a time when God wasn’t.

That’s how we need to look at at least some of the spiritual forces and spiritual beings.  We don’t know where they came from.  They’re just there.  Where they came from is not something that Christianity concerns itself with.  They’re just there.

A lot of people get mixed up with Christianity.  You look out into the world and you see evil.  One of the biggest questions that Christians have, and one of the biggest questions people have about God is that if God is good, then why did God create evil?  People want to say, “Well, God didn’t create evil.  God gave us free will, and that’s where evil comes from.”

But that’s not where evil comes from.  Evil does not originate with people doing bad things.  Evil is what causes people to do bad things, but it’s not the originator of people doing bad things.

Why did God create the world with tornadoes that kill people?  Why did God create the world with earthquakes and floods that wipe out people?  Well, maybe God didn’t create it that way.  Maybe those things are the result of some other spiritual power coming in and causing them.

Where did that other spiritual power come from?  A lot of Christians say, “God created everything.”  So why is there a devil?  “Well, God created him.”  Then they realize what that really means, so they try to modify it by saying, “Of course, God didn’t create the devil the way he is.  The devil used to be an angel but he fell; he rebelled against God.”  There are a couple of verses in the Bible that people twist around and put a certain interpretation on to come up with that belief.  But the Bible never flat-out says that’s where evil came from.

Besides, that explanation doesn’t make sense.  Who tempted the devil?

We’re supposed to believe that there was an angel up there named Satan, who God created, that at one time all of a sudden decided to rebel against God.  Where did the urge to rebel against God come from?  Where did the urge to do evil come from?

If God created everything, God must have created that, too.  People say, “Oh no, Satan came up with it on his own.”

But that doesn’t make sense.  How could Satan come up with it on his on if God created everything?  He must have gotten the idea somewhere.  He must have gotten the urge to do evil from somewhere.  If God created everything, then he must have gotten the urge to do evil from God, so God must have created evil, or at least the urge to do evil.

Look at it another way.  Christians talk about how the Kingdom of God is going to come someday, like when you’re in heaven.  If there was an angel up there one time named Satan that decided to rebel against God and create all this evil and havoc, how do you know that’s not going to happen again?  If it’s possible for these spiritual beings that God created to all of a sudden come up with the idea to turn against God and go haywire and bananas and do all sorts of evil, how do you know that sometime, like after you die and have been in heaven for 10,000 years, some other angel won’t rebel against God and create evil and havoc up there again just like the devil did?

How do you know that’s not going to happen again and again?  How do you know that when you’re up in heaven, there won’t be one rebellion against God after another?

There’s nothing in Christianity that says anything like that’s going to happen.  Christianity technically says that when the Kingdom of God comes, it’s going to be that way forever.

How’s it going to be that way forever if God created all these angels and spiritual beings with the ability to rebel against God and do evil?  How do you know one of them won’t do it again?  How do you know that one of then won’t do it again but do it even worse than Satan and make things even worse than Satan did?

See, that belief just doesn’t make sense.

Christianity runs into another brick wall when it talks about why there are bad things in the world.  Why are there natural disasters?  Why is there sickness?  Why do people do evil things?  Why are there bad things in a world we are told God created good?

Some people say it’s because people choose to sin.  People choose to do bad things.  People say natural disasters, sickness, and things like that are in the world because God put them there as punishment for sin.

Well, if people choose to sin here on earth, how do you know they won’t choose to sin in heaven?  How do you know people won’t choose to sin when they get to heaven just like they did here on earth?  If that’s all evil is, a choice people make, how do you know people won’t make the same choices to do evil in heaven that they made here on earth?  And there you are up in heaven, you’ve been there 15,000 years, someone chooses to sin, and then, as punishment, God brings in sickness and natural disasters and all kinds of heartaches and troubles into heaven as punishments for that.  You know, that’s what people say God did on earth.  That’s why we have these things on earth.  And it wasn’t because people did something so bad.  I mean, after all, all Adam and Eve did was eat one piece of fruit God told them not to eat.  So how do you know someone won’t do some little something in heaven God said not to do and God won’t wreck havoc in heaven like He did here on earth after Adam and Eve ate the fruit?

This stuff just doesn’t make sense, and in the back of people’s minds, they know that doesn’t make sense.  That’s a major reason Christianity doesn’t make sense to a lot of people.

If you want to have Christianity and have it make sense, the only way you can have it make sense is to get rid of the idea that God created everything, including the things in the spiritual world.  If you insist on saying that God created everything in the spiritual realm, then you are saying, whether you want to admit it or not, that God created evil.

I think people think God can’t be God if He didn’t create everything, including everything in the spiritual realm.  Sometimes Christians want to define God by saying God is this eternal being who’s always been there, and that everything else, including everything in the spiritual realm, was created by God.  God can’t be God if He didn’t create everything else.

That one belief right there leads people to say, “Well, God must have created evil.”  But then they catch themselves and say, “No, God didn’t create evil; it’s a choice humans make.”  And then they get caught up in this trap of nonsense based on that one belief that God created everything, that there’ nothing in existence, including in the spiritual realm, that God didn’t make.

What we need to do is go back and start over and say that God created everything in the sense of the physical world, but we don’t know the origin of the spiritual world and all the spiritual powers.  We don’t know that.  We’re not going to say that God created all those things because we’re not going to say that God created evil.

You’ve just simply got to get rid of the belief that God created either evil itself or that God created the possibility to choose evil.  You’ve just got to get rid of that.  That’s the only way Christianity is ever going to make sense to people.

I want to emphasize again that the Bible does talk about God creating some spiritual beings.  The Bible does talk about God creating the world and everything in it—the physical universe.  But I think it’s a misinterpretation of the Bible to say that when God created everything, it includes everything in the spiritual realm.