God became a human being because there was no other way for Him to rescue us.

Christianity holds that God made the world and everything in it for human beings.  Christianity also says that God made us and the world good.  But something came in and spoiled what God had made.  In fact, it spoiled things so badly that if nothing were done to correct it, everything would be destroyed.  Christianity calls this thing that came in and spoiled what God made “the power of evil.”

But since God loves the world He made, and since God especially loves us, He was not willing for us and everything to be destroyed.  The only way God could rescue what He had made was to come here as a human being and start a process that would eventually reverse what had happened.

Christianity can’t explain why that was the only way.  Christianity can’t explain exactly what this process is that will eventually restore things to the way God wants them to be.  Christianity only says it’s the way things are.

The very fact that God became a human being was the first step in this process.  The fact that Jesus was killed was another step.  The fact that Jesus, in His real human body, rose from the grave was another step.  The fact that Jesus, in His real human body, ascended into heaven was another step.  Although Christianity can’t explain why, all those were necessary to what God is doing.

But that’s not all that’s necessary.  There’s much more.  God, at this time, is still working to reverse what happened.  What happened in Jesus was just the first steps.  More is going on now, things we can’t see or even begin to understand.  But whatever it is, it is taking God a long time to accomplish.

That means we live in the period after the process has started but before it has been completed.  God is working now to bring things back to the way He wants them to be.  That will take time.  That’s why now, at this time, things are not the way God wants them to be.

But Christianity says God will, at some point in the future, accomplish the process He started in Jesus.  At that time, things will once again be the way God originally intended them to be—good.

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